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Hello everyone!
I'm sort of new here, and I'm already doing a story post. Am I allowed to do that? I have a few questions, if anyone would like to help me out.
This story is called Trapped in an Ink-Tastic World. It is when a group of my friends(nicknames) get trapped inside of Splatoon, and cannot escape until DJ Octavio is defeated. They have 30 days to do so though!
Any questions about the story? I'll be happy to help!
*Note that I wrote this in July, and that I am still finishing it up*
The school bell had rung. The final school bell. Summer was finally here! As Jacob walked out of his school and boarded his bus, he pulled out his phone and went to Splatoon Amino. He scrolled down to the SiB chat and typed "SiB clan practice today! Be there!" Everyone who was able to attend replied back and said they could, which was about 22 people. Since you could only fit 8 people into one room at one time, he asked his companions Kasumi, Splatoonie, and Skittle to make separate rooms. And so they did. It took Jacob 14 minutes to get back to his house since others on his bus had to stop and get out, but when he arrived back, he greeted his family, got a snack, turned on his WiiU, and opened up Splatoon. Meanwhile, in IB, the leader and clan founder, Atlas was hosting a clan practice as well. Each clan has a practice day on Wednesday, and they got on around the same time. Most of the IB members couldn't attend due to a special or personal event coming up, so only 5 people could attend practice that day. As all of them opened up Splatoon, their TV's suddenly turned off, and if you had listened, you would hear a faint, sinister laugh. "Mom! I think the TV is broken again!" Jacob yelled to his mother. "And if I am not crazy, I heard a faint evilish laugh..."
Jacob's mother came into his room and asked if he was alright. He said he was fine, but the TV had shut off and he had heard an evil laugh. "This dang television. Always acting up these days. Said Jacob's mother calmly. She went up to the seemingly broken object and pressed the power button. As soon as it was pressed, you could hear the device starting up and see the light emitting from the TV. "You said the TV was broken!" Exclaimed Jacob's mother. "What? I swear! I was starting up Splatoon, and right in the middle of it loading, it just shut off! And I am telling you. I. Heard. A. Voice."
"Alright now. The TV was clearly shut off, and I dont hear any voice at all! You need to get your head out of the clouds young man." And with that, his mother stormed out of his room. Jacob pulled out his phone, pulled up the SiB chat and typed "GUYS. I just experienced the weirdest thing! I was opening up Splatoon, and my TV shut off. And I swear, I heard an evil laugh."
Apparently this happened to everybody. Not just Jacob. Even the IB members. Everybody tried to start up the video game again, but then, disaster struck. The TVs shut off once again, but this time, a black hole appeared from it, sucking in everything in its radius. "Mom? MOM!!! HELP!!!" Screamed Jacob as he panicked. Not knowing what to do, he grabbed on to whatever was nearest to him and held on for dear life. Jacob's mother burst through the doorand yelled his name. "Jacob!!!"
But she was too late. The black hole had already absorbed his unconscious body up to his neck. His scared mother tried to grab hold of him but it was too late. Jacob was gone. Trapped in the TV and stored in the memory of his WiiU.


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